Could The Rock pull a helicopter out of the sky like he did in Hobbs and Shaw? With a Tow Truck?

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by Bruin Belisle Fansided

Hobbs & Shaw’s penultimate scene features Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson taking down a helicopter with his bare hands. Is there even the slightest possibility this could happen in real life?

Why the question mark? We watched Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Luke Hobbs pulling down a helicopter with his bare hands in the wildly successful Fast and Furious spin-off movie Hobbs & Shaw. Of course, movies aren’t real, and in reality, the helicopter probably would have ripped Johnson apart.

There’s one scene in the Hobbs & Shaw that stands out above the rest. The man among proverbial boys in a long list of action sequences featured in this cinematic masterpiece. It is the scene in which Hobbs is stuck trying to take down a helicopter with nothing but a chain, a tow truck, gravity and some high-octane Samoan muscle. And it works.