Tow Truck Procession Honors Late Area Business Owner

Edited by Chris Markham ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR)  Many people saw a procession of tow trucks along Route 29 on Wednesday, and it was all in memory of an area business owner. James “Jimmie” William Walker was laid to rest on Wednesday at Holly Memorial Gardens. The tow truck procession there celebrated his work. According to… Keep Reading

Texas Towing Company To Begin Using Drones To Increase Efficiency

  aftermarketNews Staff Drones? Really? 360 Towing Solutions Houston, a Houston-based towing service provider, recently announced that they are toying with the idea of using unmanned aerial vehicles or drones to inspect car breakdown situations within the Houston area. The owners said that this is going to be a revolutionary step for increasing the efficiency of their… Keep Reading

Why It’s Time to Bring Back “South Beach Tow”

Written by Tom from TVOverMind Does anyone remember South Beach Tow? It was one of the many reality TV shows that aired between 2011 and 2014. It was about a tow company located in Miami, Florida, in the South Beach area obviously, and it was for the most part comedy gold since despite the serious nature… Keep Reading

Truck Wars: Where Do You Stand?

2020 Ford Super Duty vs. Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra and Ram HD: Heavy-duty truck wars! If you’ve been shopping for a heavy-duty pickup truck lately, then you know the competition is absolutely fierce. Torque ratings are exceeding 1,000 pound-feet, towing capacity is at levels previously reserved for commercial vehicles, and payload capacity is, quite frankly,… Keep Reading

Maryland’s ‘Move Over’ Law

Maryland’s “move over” law has been in effect since 2010, but nine years later state police officials said they continue to remind motorists about the law — even a year after it was expanded beyond police cars to other emergency vehicles and tow trucks. Keep Reading

Do You Need New Tires?

Your car’s tires are the steadfast soldiers trained to guard your car, your family, and your possessions while traveling. From your daily errands to those long road trips, tires do their job without complaining, no matter what the weather or the road conditions. You depend on your tires whenever you turn on the ignition and… Keep Reading

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