Best Practices to Tow a Disabled Vehicle

Towing a disabled vehicle can present many unusual and often dangerous obstacles. The more you know about a vehicle the better equipped you will be to combat any issues you may face. According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health, you should know the following about a vehicle before towing it. Check the type of… Keep Reading

Safe Driving Tips For Highway Travel

Millions of drivers traverse the highway systems in your state each year. Highways offer efficient and clear travel paths to get from city to city, but they are can also be much more dangerous than smaller roads due to the allowed speed limits, large 18 wheelers, congestion, and weather. Keeping safe and driving with the… Keep Reading

How to Stay Safe on a Call

Traveling To and From -Be sure dispatch knows where you are picking a vehicle up and where you are transporting it to. -Have a planned route and stick to it.  Do not proceed if something appears to be wrong or odd. -Make sure that you are focused, awake and alert.  Be aware of hazards while… Keep Reading


35 Reasons to Show You Cannot Fix Stupid

By Brianna from Upbeat. We’re all guilty of doing something stupid, but these situations take it to a whole new level. We’re all known for making a bad decision or two in our lives. In the age of social media, however, these bad choices often get documented for the world to see. We’ve compiled the best… Keep Reading

Truck-Eating Bridge … Got a Tow Truck?

from the Quad City Times, Iowa. When the sign says “low clearance” it means low clearance as this trucker found out this morning trying to cross the Mississippi River from Davenport to Rock Island via the Government Bridge. Crews from Fred’s Towing, Davenport, Iowa were called to clean up the mess. Keep Reading


Were You at Sturgiss? Going This Year?

Motorcycle Rally Survival Tips by Ryker Huizinga. This past year I traveled to Sturgis, South Dakota to experience my first motorcycle rally. I was excited to attend, but also nervous. I’m new to the world of motorcycles, and I had no idea what to expect. Long story short, I enjoyed every minute of my time… Keep Reading


Increasing Fall Productivity in Small Businesses

Another beautiful summer is going by, and soon the temperatures will start dropping. It’s time to start thinking about what is next. The fall season is known for family hayrides, pumpkin carving, apple picking and doughnut eating, but what does fall mean for your business? These wonderful distractions can take away from productivity and may… Keep Reading

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