Safe Driving Tips For Highway Travel

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Millions of drivers traverse the highway systems in your state each year. Highways offer efficient and clear travel paths to get from city to city, but they are can also be much more dangerous than smaller roads due to the allowed speed limits, large 18 wheelers, congestion, and weather. Keeping safe and driving with the focus and caution while on the highway will help ensure the safety of your family and others driving near you.

Take these steps to help maintain safe travel

Before traveling on a long highway trip, it is best to inspect your vehicle and make sure all operating components are up to date and functioning properly.

#1 Check Your Tires

Check Tires Before Highway Travel | Marietta Wrecker Service

Do a once over of all your tires and makes sure they are all inflated to the proper air pressure. Look for nails or other metal debris lodged in the tread. Inspect your tread to make sure they are not worn. Your tires are the backbone support system to your vehicle and their health is imperative to safe driving.

#2 Check Fluid Levels

Check Engine Fluids Before Highway Travel | Marietta Wrecker Service

Your oil, coolant, windshield washer fluid, transmission fluid, and brake fluid should all be new and filled to the accurate level before long trips on the highway.

#3 Headlights and Taillights

Check Headlights & Taillights | Marietta Wrecker Service

Nothing will get you in an accident quicker than a burnt-out brake light or broken headlights. Check all lights on the exterior of your vehicle. Make sure all function when prompted, including your turn signals.

What to bring on your journey:

  • Cell phone car charger
  • First aid kit
  • Spare tire and tools for change out
  • Flashlight
  • Jumper cables

Once on the road:

  • Watch your speed
  • Use turn signals to change lanes
  • Use headlights in the rain
  • Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you
  • Watch for debris on the highway

Taking your vehicle in for its scheduled maintenance will help keep you and your passengers safe on any road. Being alert, watchful, and taking your time when driving on the highway are the best ways to avoid accidents and harm to you or others. Nothing is worth losing a life for. Always travel at proper speed limits and slow down in inclement weather.